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    Images purchased from Gazeta Press must carry the credit: "Gazeta Press" and the photographer’s name. In case of omission of the credits, buyer will be charged with a penalty fee.

    It is the buyer's responsibility to supply true and accurate information to Gazeta Press about the manner in which the image will be used. The purchased image can be used only in compliance with the purpose specified by a buyer and accepted by Gazeta Press terms of use.

    The royalty for using the image takes into account several factors such as size, placement, duration and purpose of the use.

    Orders are delivered upon presentation of receipt of payment to Gazeta Press. Gazeta Press reserves the right to cancel the license if the credit to our account is not confirmed.

    The image purchased from Gazeta Press cannot be used for a resale or redistribution and cannot be duplicated or reproduced.

    The image cannot be manipulated so as to make it materially different from the original without the permission from Gazeta Press.

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    No model releases exist on any image unless the existence of such release is specified in writing by Gazeta Press.

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    Limitation of Liability

    Gazeta Press makes the best effort to ensure the accuracy of the content of this website and of the service provided through this website. However, Gazeta Press does not make representations or warranties as to the correctness, accuracy or reliability of the content.

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    Gazeta Press makes the best effort to provide a good quality service and to meet our clients’ needs. Gazeta Press does not make any warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or satisfactory quality. Gazeta Press and its representatives or employees will not be responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or punitive damages of any kind arising from the use of the content on this site or the inability to use the site.

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    Gazeta Press reserves the right to make changes on the website, its terms of use or the prices without prior notice.

    Privacy Policy

    Gazeta Press may request information about our clients such as name, documentation number, mailing address, and e-mail in order to process orders. We may also contact our clients about new services or products provided.

    Gazeta Press does not sell trade, rent or share personal information on our clients with any group, organization or entity other than Gazeta Press.

    The clients may be asked to provide information including credit card number, which will be used by authorized payment processors and credit card clearing services for the purpose of processing payments. All financial transactions will take place inside a security system provided by a credit card processing and clearing company.

    The clients´ username and password are known only to themselves and to the system’s administrators. They will not be given out to anybody else. If the clients need to provide this information to anybody other than Gazeta Press, they are doing so under their sole responsibility.

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